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VerdeMenta Tours & Travel is a Mexican Tourism Company founded in 2012. It´s devoted to offer our customers all they need for traveling in a  customized way: airplane and bus tickets, hotels and vacation house reservations, national and international travel packages to amusement parks, sporting events, shows on Broadway and Las Vegas, national and  international cruises, national and international beaches and cities, tours in Mexico, Europe, North America, South America, and any  destination you can imagine.


Furthermore, VerdeMenta Tours & Travel has specialized in offering to national and international customers cultural tours by Mexico.


VerdeMenta Tours & Travel has a special offer to live the adventure and Ecotourism experience of Natural Trips and Spiritual Wellness. This tours has been specially designed to give national and international people a unique cultural and ethnical experience in the Mexican Landscapes, wich include: Volcanos, Woods, Lakes, etc, as well to get in contact with its wonderful nature throughout enjoyable outdoor activities and a space to connect with their bodies and souls in order to live a more mindful life.